Intelligent marketing automation

Yournii revolutionizes local & in-store marketing for franchised retail brands

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Yournii avoids marketing waste

Instant access to on-brand local marketing support, personalized to every touchpoint and every location.

Yournii delivers results

Intelligent automation helps amplify best practice. Stay ahead of a game that keeps moving.

Yournii brings your team together

Cleverly combining digital assets, touchpoint strategies and data in a user friendly interface. It gives cloud based new dimension.

Save time, cut costs and embrace the future of marketing automation with Yournii.

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Core modules
  1. Branded marketing dashboard
  2. Customer Journey Module
  3. 24/7 Local Marketing (LSM)
  4. Digital Asset Management (DAM)
  5. Centralized (POP) Touch pointmanagement
  6. Centralized Product & Price Information Mgt (PIM)
  7. Online customer success
  8. 2-factor authentication
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Additional support & functionalities
  1. Further dashboard functionality such as stats, newsletter, best-practice centre
  2. Add external fulfillment partners
  3. DAM IP-rights module
  4. Collaborate with retail managers & franchise-partners on POP & PIM
  5. Customer success priority
  6. SSO (Office365)
  7. Optional module: Auto-DTP x Customer Journey Module (Xplore+ subscription required)
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Advanced integrations
  1. BI / reporting REST API Support
  2. Fulfillment Partners REST API Support
  3. DAM REST API Support
  4. POP & PIM REST API Support
  5. 1:1 Customer success management
  6. SSO Support (Office365)
  7. Optional module: Auto-DTP x 24/7 LSM Shop (Xplore+ subscription required)
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